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Born Soul

Born Soul, born name Kelly Hancock, was discovered by a record executive while playing his demo for a friend. The executive agreed to fully finance any recordings in order for Born Soul to piece together his first album. Born Soul released his first album titled From the Beginning to the End. He, along with two of his closet friends, established Born Soul Productions Publishing in 2001, which successfully released a compilation album titled, Alumnyh early 2001. Born Soul’s released his second solo album titled, Blacker the Berry, Sweeter the Juice, in May 2001. Born Soul Productions partnership change the publishing name to Musik Innovator.  Along with 5 studio albums released, Born Soul has produced and arranged several DJ intros for the local community radio station KAZI 88.7 FM in Austin, Texas. “I love making music. I make music for the people, the listener,” says Born Soul.

​Born Soul comes from the South and deliver raps to the listener sometimes too broad for locals outside a 50 mile radius of Austin, TX to fully comprehend the direction of the smooth moving musical rollercoaster of each soundbite. His oxymoron, melodic indie-hop sound is induced by distinctive kick drums, clear annunciated vocals and smooth synthesized sounds underplayed with funky samples.

​Born Soul is the product of the modern age. Born Soul is the sound of musical evolution. Born Soul is the embodiment of the post-genre world. Born Soul is music styles being meshed, music and prose finding new ways to work together, the rule book being torn apart and previous tribal lines of demarcation being crossed, ignored and erased.

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Marvin Louis

At the age of 6 years, Marvin Louis knew he could sing. The singer and song writer joined a group called The Satellite which stayed together from 7th grade through high school.   After graduating high school, Marvin Louis joined another vocal group in College.  After graduating College, he entered the military and began singing with vocal group while stationed in Vietnam. Concluding a group performance at a soldiers moral party, the major and staff sergeant commanding the their unit  were so impressed with Marvin Louis’s group performance that they authorized his group to perform for all military unit staff and soldiers stationed in Vietnam.

After serving time in the military, Marvin Louis moved to New York and joined a nine peace band that performed all over New York City, and a few cities outside New York City. The band became well-known in the New York Club scene. Marvin Louis moved to Texas after staying a year and a half in New York. He joined a local band Texas. For several years the band traveled and performed for military bases and Non-commissioned officer (NCO) clubs across the region. The band eventually folded due to the exhaustion of the constant traveling.  “I carried this burning desire to sing for many, many, years. After I retired from my job  where I worked for so many years, I decided to get back in this music world and satisfied my desire. I always wanted to get back in a recording studio and record my feelings. So, here I am.” 

On Repeat Official Video

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